Monday, January 6, 2014

It's cold outside!

Today is January 6th the 6th day of Reading the Bible in a year. I'ts cold outside which makes for a great day to just read! I will try to post my thoughts daily but if you really know me you know that isn't being realistic. But I will do my best. I would like you to participate with me. You can read the Bible with me or you can just follow along here and join in with a little discussion. I may even do a Hangout on Google+. We can have a live chat. But that isn't today.

Genesis 12-18 - Abram (Abraham)
I am a little confused with Abram - He takes his wife and his nephew to Egypt (I think he should have left the wife at home, he had her LIE to save his life) Pharaoh takes her into his harem as if 1 woman isn't enough to drive a man nuts he need more. Pharaoh gives Abram all kinds of treasures and God punishes Pharaoh! God punished him for something he was deceived about. I think Pharaoh was robbed!

Abram moves out and he is rick from Pharaoh's deception. Then him and Lot can't survive in the same place so they split. Lot gets in trouble and Abram to the rescue. God comes to Abram in a vision and reassures him that He is his protector and that he will reward him. Abrams response: What can you give me?

Depends on how you look at this statement. Is he asking because he thinks he is entitled? Or is he just asking, like we can ask God today. I think he is just asking/praying for something. God already told him he would reward him and now Abram is filling in the blank with his request.

My favorite is when Sarai gives her maid to him so he can have an heir. When that goes all wrong she tells him it's all his fault. That doesn't surprise me. Once again "The devil made me do it". But God did promise him the world and lots of heirs and he gave them to him. Changed their names to Abraham and Sarah (witness protection, LOL)

Her is the download if you are interested in the challenge this year. The Bible in A Year

I am a day behind but I will get caught up tomorrow.

Friday, January 3, 2014

My Journey though 2014!

2013 won't be missed. It was a year of endings. My father-in-law passed away in February and that was the end of that family connection. The settling of the estate was a nightmare, the 2nd wife (her name shall not be mentioned - wouldn't want it to come up in a Google search) turned out to be the Black Widow! My sister-in-law thought that they were friends but she was stabbed in the back. Sad really, makes me wonder if the 2nd wife has any real friends. If she treats them like a means to an end then she will be always be alone. I pray for her to find God and for her to see what she has done to this family. (Sorry, only praying once and then she is in Gods hands)

Now to 2014!!! Happy New Year!!!

My sister-in-law Janie has challenged several of us to read the Bible in a year and post what we feel we have learned. Or at least our interpretation of what we have read. I am looking forward to this challenge it will bring me closer to God and strengthen my faith. I pray that God will give me the understanding that I need to help me with my life. So lets get started:

Genesis 1-7
IN THE beginning......God created the Heavens and Earth. My first question is Why? Why create something so small? It's like he is playing with miniatures. He could have created someone for him to talk to. How long were the days? What made him think of day and night? Why man? Think about everything that he created, from the sky to the earth, the animals, the microscopic creatures, even the snot that we wipe from our kids faces. I did that a lot New Years Eve with my grandson. What an imagination!!! There was nobody to question any decision that he made and he never 2nd guessed himself. There's a good reason not to create someone to communicate with, there is nobody to tell you that your nuts.

The 7th day he rested.....How long was that day? When did he make it 24 hours as we know it today. When God made Adam and Eve why did he put the TREE in the garden of Eden? Why put the temptation there unless that was his intent to begin with. As far as the devil goes why didn't God take care of him in the beginning? Would have solved a lot of problems.

Now lets get to Cain and Able. Able brought the first born of his flock and God gave him favor, Cain brought his offering of fruit of the ground (it was his responsibility) and God Did NOT give him favor. Shows favoritism to me right from the start. Why? Is that why man shows favoritism to one child and not the other today? What was so special about Able? Coming from a family of 4 I see that there is always one child that is more special than the other. Looking at my grand-kids I see that one 'thinks' the other is more special but I'm not sure where they get that idea. (The Devil made me do it)

Looking at the genealogy and the length of time that people lived (and gave birth) is one of the reasons that I think days/years was different back then. Today we all wish our days were longer just to get things done. But in reality if we had more time we would somehow just screw that up too.

Then there was Enoch he was 65 when Methuselah was born. He walked in faith, habitual fellowship with God. That means that he walked the walk and talked the talk for 300 years after Methuselah was born. and then he was NOT, for God took him home. He didn't die he just went home! To be that faithful, that dedicated, that much in love with God! Amazing!

Once the people started to multiply things got a lot hectic. Too many thinkers thinking their own thoughts. They got distracted with each other and God was put on the back burner. Things got ugly and God decided to take control of the situation. Here comes the flood. He could have wiped out the entire earth started with a clean slate. But he chose Noah and his family to repopulate the earth. I'm surprised there wasn't more bickering. 150 days is a long time to be on a boat with family. Just saying!

I guess I have rambled on and asked enough questions that nobody can answer. So far I think this adventure looks promising.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Catching Up on Summer Events!

Wow summer is gone and I haven't taken the time to write anything. My personal journal has also been neglected. (So I have been told) But where do I start? I guess that is what my problem has been, among other things. I wondered where everyone gets their inspiration to write in there blog every day. What do people draw from? Do I really have anything to say?

Yes I have a lot to say but does anyone care to read it?

I guess if you aren't interested in my stories you won't be here reading them. But for those that are interested in the little events in my life I hope you enjoy reading about them. And please feel free to add your comments below. 

We capture life's little moments one picture at a time. Sometimes I am surprised at what expression or action that I catch. We took Ava and her friend Abby to the Dayton Dragons Baseball game this summer. Ava is a fan of the mascots. She looks forward to the game every year. This year we got to take her twice and she got to participate in games on the field both times.

Ava ran as fast as she could. She was excited to see Gem!

Abby, Gem and Ava

Typical Ava!
The Dayton Dragons didn't have a very good year this year. But on a positive note they won both games we attended.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures and little bit of what we did this summer. I'll go through my pictures and start to get ideas for my next entry. Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Follow your Heart!

Yes! Follow your heart! 

Don't be afraid to let those close to you know how you feel. Always tell them you love them give them a hug and kiss for tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. No regrets! Make amends with those that hurt you, they probably don’t know they did anything wrong. Being mad over something silly only hurts you.

The lessons that we learn in life are the ones that hurt us the most. We fall and get hurt after someone tells us to stop or when someone breaks our heart. We say to ourselves: I’ll never do that again! But that is where we learn and we have to keep trying new things, letting new people into our lives and putting our heart out there with the chance that it can be broken.

I had the privilege to get to know Shane, but only a small part of his life.
I didn't know him when he wanted to be a cowboy!
Or when he thought he was the toughest guy on the wrestling team. I would have teased him about the spandex shorts.

 This little guy grew into a handsome young man and we will miss him.
I got to know Shane while working at the Alger Freeze. We were co-workers. He was a very quite person. His goal was to pimp out his car. He always had us laughing and the memories we all made with him will forever be cherished. 

Gone to Soon!

by Jessica
The day you left my world took a turn.
My heart is aching with pain and all I do is cry out your name.
All the jokes and laughter we shared will always be thought of time and time again.
We used to joke if one left work the other one would too.
Now I'm left here alone, not knowing what to do.
Work is hard now with all the memories just wish you were here to create more with me.
R.I.P. Shane, you will be missed. I can't wait for the day until I see you again.

Shane Tanner Rowe
July 26, 1992 - July 12, 2012

A note from Jordan: PS 7-19
The bookshelf, the millions of ways that I am owned. You're there now. The white cup: PS 7-19 (Pizza Sauce 7-19) Among all my loved novels, statues and Venetian masks. You would hate the sentiment. Come back and I swear I'll take it down.
I'd beg for a million more stories until you would acquiesce to my petty demands. Or moodily scoot a chair close and tell me to come learn to play chess.

Why did he have to go 
So young I just don't know why 
Things happen half the time 
Without reason without rhyme
Lovely, sweet young man
Son, uncle and a brother
Makes no sense to me
I just have to believe that

He flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels
By the clouds and stars and passed where no one sees
And he walks with Jesus and his loved ones waiting
And I know he's smiling saying
Don't worry 'bout me!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The House is Empty!

It doesn't seem real, but it is, the house is empty! Every doll, dish, table and chair even the piano is gone. They have been divided and and given to family and friends. Gone to be remembered in small pieces. It's as if the family quilt has been disassembled and each piece has been distributed to far away places.
 As you can see the wear on the carpet of a room that was full of joy and well lived in. The songs that were sung by the piano that is no longer there. What are your memories? What stories do you have to tell? Will you write them down or just tuck them away in your memory?
I hope that whoever got the dinning room table is blessed with family, friends, God and good health. There were a lot of stories and prayers at that table. What is your favorite story that you told while sitting at that table? What prayer do you hope that grandma prayed?
Grandmas room......what can I say, still looks peaceful.

And how many times did you swing at the stairs even when you were told not to? Yes, I did swing on it one last time, and mom yelled at me. Well kind of. 

As I close this post always remember that we are a part of a great family. We may not always agree with each other or get along but we are still family. So make peace with those that need it if not for them for yourself. Grandma prayed for each and everyone of us and it's the least we can do for her.

Here are a few more pictures. Remember all the good times and feel free to share them if you like.

We love you Grandma!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Water Fight!

We had a busy weekend. Rod had to work Saturday morning and I had a 31 party. Which was a great show by the way.
I've discovered that there aren't enough hours in the day. We have a lot of things that need to get done and with Rod working the day shift and me working 3 to 4 nights a week it's hard to do. We even made a list of all the things that we need to get done just so we don't forget anything. Sitting here typing I remember a few things that I need to add, be right back. OK that is done.
Sunday Rod and I worked on getting the end of the house cleaned up. We are making it into a rock garden. We've tried to get different things to grow with no luck. So we've decided to grow rocks. No maintenance needed, lol.
2:00 in the afternoon and Rod and I were waiting for everyone to show up for the big water fight. Rod had 2 large trash cans full of water and 3-5 gallon buckets. In our arsenal we had 2-3' water guns 2-2' , 2 smaller ones and 4 foam water guns. 8 squishy hand grenades and 5 squishy footballs. Let's see if I can remember everyone that came to the water fight. Kara, Brock, Ava, Austin. Susan took pictures and the video. Melanie, Trenton's girlfriend, Thomas her son. Melanie's friend and her two kids. She will have to remind me of their names so I can add them to my story.
Now for the water fight. Check out the video. The next time we have a water fight I hope you are in the area so you can join us. The big kids have just as much fun as the little ones.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I like who I am!

Wash Rinse Repeat!

Yep, that is what life is for the most part. We get up do the same thing today that we did yesterday and the out look for tomorrow doesn't look any different. There maybe a few little differences each day but not much changes. Wait, I am mistaken, we change. When we are young we believe what we are told and we view it as the only truth. As we get older we start to see life with a different  set of eyes. We have to live our life and deal with all the heart ache, sorrow and joy all on our own. Our views change, they become our own. We change!

I look in the mirror and I don't know who it is looking back at me. In my mind I still see me at 18 not 48. The person in the mirror looks like she has lived a good life, maybe a little rough at times but good just the same. I think of things that could have been if I would have chosen a different path. but I have no regrets, I like who I have become. I may have been quiet at times when I should have spoken. Loud when I should have been silent. But the things I have been through in my life have made me who I am. I LIKE WHO I AM! Yes I am shouting it, I am who I am. I wouldn't change a thing, well maybe, I wouldn't have gone through the red hair phase.

I can't make decisions for my family only they can do that, they alone. I refuse to feel guilty for the choices that someone else makes. I am not a failure if my kids choose to do something I don't like they are adults. I am not a failure, my kids are grown and have moved out. I guess I finally succeeded at something!

I don't feel guilty for the choices that I have made, they have made me who I am today. I LIKE WHO I AM!