Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elvis sings!

I wanted to add the video that my daughter Kara posted on YouTube of her dad singing. This was one party that will be talked about for a long time. Rod said it was the best birthday party he has ever had, I'm glad that I did this for him. I love him very much!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The party was a success!

It's official.....the party is over but it was a great success!
I have spent weeks planning the party and the day of I relied on family to pull it all together. I spent the day with Rod acting as if it was just your average day! The only difference was he had a Performance that he had to do at 7:00 for my Aunt Barb. (Yes she was in on the surprise!) All day I try to get him to practice the songs that he was to perform, I think he finally sang a few about 2 hours before we had to leave. My persistence still went unnoticed. Louder, louder I repeated to him. Still he didn't catch on. I knew that when he got over to the party he wouldn't be loud enough. I was a little worried.
He may have started off a little quiet but in the end HE WAS THE KING!
I've been looking at pictures of the party today and reviewing a few of the videos. We missed the first part of the surprise party. Family and friends surprised Danny first. Sherrie flew in from Colorado and came with Susie to the party. I wish Rod and I could have been there for that but it turned out great the way we did it. Sorry for not "Inviting" you to the party Dan!LOL
Happy Birthday Guys, Love you both!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Big Day!

Today is the big day!
I'm not sure if he is nervous about his performance this evening or not but I am a basket case. I'm depending on others to help pull this off without my help. I have to be with Rod all day so I can't even go over and make sure everything is ready to go! (Janie you are a lifesaver)

  • Kara is picking up the cake
  • Trenton picked up the M&M's 
  • Janie is getting there early to run the show
  • Danny was told about Rod's surprise party, upset because he wasn't invited , teehee
  • I called Kyle Adams at 35 news, I told him if they need a filler that they could come over and get Rod's surprise!

Now we just wait until 7:00 to show up!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Party Update!

Everything is falling into place. The cake is ordered and Kara will be picking it up Saturday around noon. I haven't heard if there are any more coming to the party but I do love surprises. This is going to be great, I have never been able to keep anything from Rod. I'm surprised he hasn't asked more questions about his birthday. He thinks that the kids are making him a cake and we are getting together on Saturday. Which we might just do that in the early part of the day so he still won't suspect anything. Whew!!!
Janie has been my life line through all of this craziness. She has taken care of most of the arrangements at the Inn. She has told me many times to just breathe!!! I don't think I could have done this without her. Next I will be helping her plan a wedding!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Surprise Party!

I have been planning this crazy surprise party for my husband and his cousin Danny! Expecting a turn out of less than 50 it has turned into a major event. At this point I have 87 people that have confirmed attendance. WOW and I was worried about getting 50 people at the party.
My nerves are just about shot.....stressing over the details and now worried I may not have enough food. I decided on finger foods because I couldn't afford anything else. Too many people to feed. I still have a cake to order, journal covers to finish, pictures to locate and to put into frames, clothes to pack so Rod can change out of his outfit.
Her is the invitation that was sent out:
*SHHHHHHH!* I'm planning a SURPRISE party for Rod and Danny! Rod will be 50 and Danny will be 55.

Here is the plan: Everybody needs to arrive by 6:00pm so we can get Danny there by 6:30. Rod will show up at 7:00pm dressed as ELVIS to do a performance in the lobby for some laddies that I will have lined up. Then I will bring him to the banquet room for his surprise!

Date: February 25th
Time: 6:00pm
Place: The Inn at Ohio Northern University

Finger foods will be served, coffee, tea and water. Alcohol can be purchased in the Pub.
If you have any questions you can TEXT me at 419-***-**** (do not call) Please keep your lips sealed it will be the first time I ever get him on the prank of a life time! 
RSVP by February 18th I need to know how much food to have. Thanks and Hope to see everyone there!