Sunday, February 26, 2012

The party was a success!

It's official.....the party is over but it was a great success!
I have spent weeks planning the party and the day of I relied on family to pull it all together. I spent the day with Rod acting as if it was just your average day! The only difference was he had a Performance that he had to do at 7:00 for my Aunt Barb. (Yes she was in on the surprise!) All day I try to get him to practice the songs that he was to perform, I think he finally sang a few about 2 hours before we had to leave. My persistence still went unnoticed. Louder, louder I repeated to him. Still he didn't catch on. I knew that when he got over to the party he wouldn't be loud enough. I was a little worried.
He may have started off a little quiet but in the end HE WAS THE KING!
I've been looking at pictures of the party today and reviewing a few of the videos. We missed the first part of the surprise party. Family and friends surprised Danny first. Sherrie flew in from Colorado and came with Susie to the party. I wish Rod and I could have been there for that but it turned out great the way we did it. Sorry for not "Inviting" you to the party Dan!LOL
Happy Birthday Guys, Love you both!


HR Associates Insight said...

Had a great time, Miss Shellie...

and the beer was cold too!

HR Associates Insight said...

Had a great time Miss Shellie, the guys were floored. oh yeah, the beer was cold too. :)