Monday, January 6, 2014

It's cold outside!

Today is January 6th the 6th day of Reading the Bible in a year. I'ts cold outside which makes for a great day to just read! I will try to post my thoughts daily but if you really know me you know that isn't being realistic. But I will do my best. I would like you to participate with me. You can read the Bible with me or you can just follow along here and join in with a little discussion. I may even do a Hangout on Google+. We can have a live chat. But that isn't today.

Genesis 12-18 - Abram (Abraham)
I am a little confused with Abram - He takes his wife and his nephew to Egypt (I think he should have left the wife at home, he had her LIE to save his life) Pharaoh takes her into his harem as if 1 woman isn't enough to drive a man nuts he need more. Pharaoh gives Abram all kinds of treasures and God punishes Pharaoh! God punished him for something he was deceived about. I think Pharaoh was robbed!

Abram moves out and he is rick from Pharaoh's deception. Then him and Lot can't survive in the same place so they split. Lot gets in trouble and Abram to the rescue. God comes to Abram in a vision and reassures him that He is his protector and that he will reward him. Abrams response: What can you give me?

Depends on how you look at this statement. Is he asking because he thinks he is entitled? Or is he just asking, like we can ask God today. I think he is just asking/praying for something. God already told him he would reward him and now Abram is filling in the blank with his request.

My favorite is when Sarai gives her maid to him so he can have an heir. When that goes all wrong she tells him it's all his fault. That doesn't surprise me. Once again "The devil made me do it". But God did promise him the world and lots of heirs and he gave them to him. Changed their names to Abraham and Sarah (witness protection, LOL)

Her is the download if you are interested in the challenge this year. The Bible in A Year

I am a day behind but I will get caught up tomorrow.