Friday, January 3, 2014

My Journey though 2014!

2013 won't be missed. It was a year of endings. My father-in-law passed away in February and that was the end of that family connection. The settling of the estate was a nightmare, the 2nd wife (her name shall not be mentioned - wouldn't want it to come up in a Google search) turned out to be the Black Widow! My sister-in-law thought that they were friends but she was stabbed in the back. Sad really, makes me wonder if the 2nd wife has any real friends. If she treats them like a means to an end then she will be always be alone. I pray for her to find God and for her to see what she has done to this family. (Sorry, only praying once and then she is in Gods hands)

Now to 2014!!! Happy New Year!!!

My sister-in-law Janie has challenged several of us to read the Bible in a year and post what we feel we have learned. Or at least our interpretation of what we have read. I am looking forward to this challenge it will bring me closer to God and strengthen my faith. I pray that God will give me the understanding that I need to help me with my life. So lets get started:

Genesis 1-7
IN THE beginning......God created the Heavens and Earth. My first question is Why? Why create something so small? It's like he is playing with miniatures. He could have created someone for him to talk to. How long were the days? What made him think of day and night? Why man? Think about everything that he created, from the sky to the earth, the animals, the microscopic creatures, even the snot that we wipe from our kids faces. I did that a lot New Years Eve with my grandson. What an imagination!!! There was nobody to question any decision that he made and he never 2nd guessed himself. There's a good reason not to create someone to communicate with, there is nobody to tell you that your nuts.

The 7th day he rested.....How long was that day? When did he make it 24 hours as we know it today. When God made Adam and Eve why did he put the TREE in the garden of Eden? Why put the temptation there unless that was his intent to begin with. As far as the devil goes why didn't God take care of him in the beginning? Would have solved a lot of problems.

Now lets get to Cain and Able. Able brought the first born of his flock and God gave him favor, Cain brought his offering of fruit of the ground (it was his responsibility) and God Did NOT give him favor. Shows favoritism to me right from the start. Why? Is that why man shows favoritism to one child and not the other today? What was so special about Able? Coming from a family of 4 I see that there is always one child that is more special than the other. Looking at my grand-kids I see that one 'thinks' the other is more special but I'm not sure where they get that idea. (The Devil made me do it)

Looking at the genealogy and the length of time that people lived (and gave birth) is one of the reasons that I think days/years was different back then. Today we all wish our days were longer just to get things done. But in reality if we had more time we would somehow just screw that up too.

Then there was Enoch he was 65 when Methuselah was born. He walked in faith, habitual fellowship with God. That means that he walked the walk and talked the talk for 300 years after Methuselah was born. and then he was NOT, for God took him home. He didn't die he just went home! To be that faithful, that dedicated, that much in love with God! Amazing!

Once the people started to multiply things got a lot hectic. Too many thinkers thinking their own thoughts. They got distracted with each other and God was put on the back burner. Things got ugly and God decided to take control of the situation. Here comes the flood. He could have wiped out the entire earth started with a clean slate. But he chose Noah and his family to repopulate the earth. I'm surprised there wasn't more bickering. 150 days is a long time to be on a boat with family. Just saying!

I guess I have rambled on and asked enough questions that nobody can answer. So far I think this adventure looks promising.  


Janie said...

I wondered about the temptation as well. It makes me wonder if it was a test to see if we could do what we were told to do.

The length of time also made me wonder many things. Our bodies wear out after a few years I cannot imagine what their bodied looked like after that many years. A lot changes over that much time.

I think that when God destroyed the earth with the flood he wanted to keep some of his work because it would have been to hard to start over but I also thing is was away of showing mercy because Noah and his family was so faithful. But you can ask again why the unclean animals were allow on the ark when men were not

Just a thought.