Saturday, September 22, 2012

Catching Up on Summer Events!

Wow summer is gone and I haven't taken the time to write anything. My personal journal has also been neglected. (So I have been told) But where do I start? I guess that is what my problem has been, among other things. I wondered where everyone gets their inspiration to write in there blog every day. What do people draw from? Do I really have anything to say?

Yes I have a lot to say but does anyone care to read it?

I guess if you aren't interested in my stories you won't be here reading them. But for those that are interested in the little events in my life I hope you enjoy reading about them. And please feel free to add your comments below. 

We capture life's little moments one picture at a time. Sometimes I am surprised at what expression or action that I catch. We took Ava and her friend Abby to the Dayton Dragons Baseball game this summer. Ava is a fan of the mascots. She looks forward to the game every year. This year we got to take her twice and she got to participate in games on the field both times.

Ava ran as fast as she could. She was excited to see Gem!

Abby, Gem and Ava

Typical Ava!
The Dayton Dragons didn't have a very good year this year. But on a positive note they won both games we attended.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures and little bit of what we did this summer. I'll go through my pictures and start to get ideas for my next entry. Have a beautiful and blessed day!