Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday was a beautiful day, Rod worked too hard outside and exhausted himself. When he came inside I found him asleep on the couch. It's hard work push mowing around all the trees, maybe we have too many. I should have taken him more lemonade to drink, I think I only took him one glass.
I worked around the flower beds turning the mulch over and pulling the weeds. Trenton's cat tried to help by almost knocking me over, she wanted my attention. I didn't get much done but it is starting to look better.

Kara dropped the kids off around 4:30 so they could have a little fun at our house. We got the bounce house out so they could burn up some energy. It was Austins first time in it and he was having a blast. Ava wouldn't get in it last year she said it was too hot outside. I think it was because she didn't have anybody to play with. Here they are having fun.

When they got done jumping we took them for a ride in the golf cart through the woods. Rod found a duck egg in the middle of the path, he just about ran it over. We stopped at the tiny house and visited with mom and dad. Austin was worried about the egg and kept looking for it in the gold cart. Rod had given it to dad. Ava said that it need somebody to take care of it so her and mom went into the house and brought out the stuffed bear. They had the bear lay on top of the egg to keep it warm. She has a way of coming up with great ideas for a 5 year old. I'm sure the next time she is over she will want to check on the egg in the woods. I hope dad put it on a nest.