Friday, May 11, 2012

Loopy Ava!

Here it is Friday and I haven't posted anything about our little adventure. On Tuesday Kara and I took Ava to the hospital to have her two front teeth removed. Interesting trip, Ava watched ScoobyDoo all the way there and never questioned where we were going. She was under the assumption that we were just taking a road trip. She did ask me if I had any snacks in the car because she was hungry. She wasn't aloud to have anything until after the surgery. 8:00 in the morning and I know I'm hungry so I feel for her.
We get into the hospital and get into the room. She still hasn't been told why we are here. We get her into her gown and put her up on the bed. She asked me if she was just here to test the bed. She called the room her tiny little house. Then in comes the doctor to check her before they start. Now she has the puzzled look on her face. Kara is filing out papers so it was up to me to let her know what was going on. I held her on my lap and told her they were going to take care of her teeth. She instantly covered her mouth. I also told her that Grandpa was going to buy her whatever she wanted as long as she was good. Once she discovered the buttons on the bed guess what she wanted grandpa to buy? A hospital bed!!!
The nurse brought her a liquid sedative and said that it should take affect soon. Well it made her just a little loopy. As the video will show.

The video was before she went into surgery. When they brought her out she was in tears and her body was shaking from crying. We are glad that is all over. Now she is toothless in the front but that is ok.
You hate to see them when they are hurting, so precious.She did just fine and now she is all ready for Kindergarten. She went through screening on Thursday. I know she is excited about starting school but I just want her to be our little girl.